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The music of The Vitals is a vivid combination of post rock, dreamscape and psych with an unexpected punk element.

Formed in Los Angeles, CA, in 2010, The Vitals raw sound comes from the collaboration of friends and founding members, Kate Strand (vocals, guitar), Henrik Linde (guitar), and Dylan Howard (drums). As a trio with no bass player, The Vitals fill sonic space in a way that you wouldn't expect. With their experimental, ambient, and often brash guitar tones, moody vocals that range from angelic highs to a guttural low-rocking belt and dynamic drums that simultaneously kick you in the gut and kiss you on the cheek, the threesome is a true experience.

The Vitals signed to Los Angeles based record label Org Music in 2012 and released their debut album ‘Qualia’ in November, 2012. “Quaila” was released on colored vinyl, CD and digitally. To support their debut album, they toured Brazil where they played the acclaimed venue “Cine Joia” in Sao Paulo as well as a short stint in the states including SXSW in 2014. Returning in 2015 with their EP “Gold Night”, The Vitals expanded on their sound by recording four songs live to tape in attempt to capture the intensity of their live show. Following the recording, they toured the US West Coast. “Gold Night” was released on ORG Music digitally and as a limited edition LP. In support of “Gold Night”, The Vitals toured throughout the UK, opening for Australian rock band “Tracer” in 2015. In June, 2016 The Vitals recorded a gritty cover of Duran Durans classic "Come Undone". It was released digitally and is available everywhere online.

Beginning in June of 2018, The Vitals began releasing new singles and unique music videos showcasing their evolved sound, including heavier elements of electronic and punk genres.




"As ever we arrive early for the show to catch the support and tonight is one of those occasions when it was definitely worthwhile, The Vitals a three-piece from Los Angeles, take two guitars, drums and vocals and come out with an exciting heady, spacey mix of high haunting vocals and searing guitar work all on top of a hard edged, hard hitting drum beat and driving riffy guitars. Kicking off with ‘Eel River’ sees vocalist Kate Strand working the mic as guitarist Henrik Linde builds the complex rhythms from looping riffs and plenty of wahwah. ‘Perennial’ has a slow burning proggy side to it that builds to a crescendo of wailing guitars and all the time there is the constant intricate drumming that Dylan Howard delivers with precise and powerful bursts of energy. Final track is ‘Wait’ from their 2015 EP ‘Gold Night’ which again allows the distinctive vocals to ride above complex layers of guitars and provides a fitting end to a great set.  The whole sound has a 60′s psychedelic feel but with a nice punky/rock edge that comes through in some of the tracks, one to watch out for next year."
Gig review UK - The Vitals - Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton -

"The Vitals use a two guitar and drum kit set up, and to my mind sound like a perfect mix of The Last Internationale and PJ Harvey. On stage to the right singer/guitarist Kate Strand cuts a striking view with her Amazonian looks and a haunting, ethereal vocal that could melt your soul. Mixed with powerhouse drums and sonically seductive guitar work from Henrik Linde on the right hand side they are quite mesmerizing to watch and listen to. The Vitals are well worth checking out."
Gig reviews - The Vitals - Fibbers, York - Ben Hughes -

"Californians The Vitals took to the small stage for the last night of their first ever trip to the UK. This Los Angeles trio quickly won me over, their strand of rock music which at times was experimental, others mellow and most often balls out rolling rock with a grungy splash. Their material was diverse and Kate Strand’s vocals had an ethereal rock quality about them with a kick of sass. Guitarist Henrik Linde and drummer Dylan Howard proved they could break back and let Kate shine or belt their instruments full throttle showing off their accomplished musicianship. Definitely a band to keep an ear out for."
Event Reviews - The Vitals - The Plug, Sheffield - Heather Fitsell -   

"...Los Angeles trio The Vitals have concocted a magical elixir of atmospheric rock infused with both dreamy and heavy sonic elements that make up their latest release, a four-track EP entitled Gold Night.
After listening to the new music, it comes as no surprise to me that The Vitals have put forth a raw and heady effort here that is worth kicking back to, ideally while lying on your bed with your headphones cranked up."
An Interview with The Vitals - New EP, New "Pigskin" Video, UK tour - Emily Saex - 

"They are a three-piece not through lack of options or for any superficial quirkiness, but purely for the reason that as a trio they best compliment and communicate with one another. And when they begin to communicate people stop and listen.
The Vitals offer everything a good band should. Great sounds and rhythm, texture, melody, interest — but above all — real songs and performance." 
HOT BAND ALERT: The Vitals, Pure Rock n Roll for your soul - 

"...LA-based band The Vitals have become a hot topic of conversation within the music scene for their unique style and raw sound. Their newest EP Gold Night was released to iTunes on June 29, 2015, featuring four beautifully composed songs, including their single “Wait.” Fans have described “Gold Night” as a “19 minute brilliantly created EP.”  The Vitals graced audiences at 2014 SXSW and left people craving more of their dreamy post-punk rock sound."
News: The Vitals Release "Pigskin" Music Video - SHUM -


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